Management Services...

Unlike many solution providers Sandswood are completely vendor independent  so you can be confident that we are always working to your agenda ensuring that you get the solution which is right for you, 

Our IT consultants are experienced professionals with proven track records who have successfully designed and delivered systems to clients large and small in a wide range of public and private sector industries on a global basis.

Whether you need us for a one-off project or on an ongoing basis we can help you.

How we can help you...

Strategic Planning

Many companies are at the mercy of IT suppliers who have a vested interest in selling particular products and services rather than deliver genuine business solutions. Since we are vendor neutral we will work with you to understand your current systems and processes and then help you develop an IT strategy and a coherent roadmap which is right for your business. Our consultants have a wealth of industry experience across many sectors and you will find that our plain speaking, practical approach will ensure that we deliver straightforward solutions that bring a measurable business value. 

Part-Time ('Fractional'), Retained or 'As Required' IT Management

We are all heavily reliant on IT and whilst you may have your own IT staff - you may not be able to justify a full-time, experienced IT or Software Development Director. 

We can fulfill this requirement working on a part-time, retained or 'as needed' basis. Working as an extension of your senior management team we can deliver the services of an experienced IT Director at the fraction of the cost of a full-time employee. We can assist with your business IT strategy, manage your IT supplier relationships and ensure that your technical staff are working to YOUR business objectives and to the highest professional standards.

Application Integration

Many companies have 'Islands of Technology'... Multiple standalone systems or 'super-spreadsheets' holding critical business data. We can work with you to streamline your business processes and develop software to seamlessly link the systems together. In this way, data is only entered once and is properly synchronised across your systems saving you time and money. Specialising in Microsoft Windows .NET software development we can build tailored apps and databases for your office environment as either installed applications or internet/intranet web-based solutions.

Project Management

If you have a requirement for a new IT system or need asstance with a 'stuck project', we can help you. From requirements definition, design, supplier selection, implementation and project management we will work with your to ensure that your project is delivered on time and to budget.
We can take overall responsibility for your project and should you need to engage third party suppliers we can manage them on your behalf and make sure that you are getting the right solution, at the right price and in the right timescales.

IT Health Checks

Are you getting the best from your IT?, Is your business data at risk? Are you compliant with PCI, GDPR and other regulations? - We can undertake a fixed price project to audit your IT systems and produce a report outlining weaknesses and recommendations to rectify them. 

Quite often companies will know that they have issues with their IT but dont necessarily know the best approach to sorting them out and where to go to get trustworthy, experienced advice. Our fixed price audits will help you to see 'the wood from the trees'.  Audits usually take between two and four days depending upon the size of the company and the complexity of your environment and are a cost effective, low risk solution which does not obligate you to commit to anything long term.

Business Process Analysis

Many companies go shopping for a new IT system thinking that all their problems will be solved but are then dissapointed to find that what they buy doesn't work for them. Very often this is a result of the organisation not fully understanding its existing processes beforehand -  missing the fundamental point that IT systems are there to serve the business process.
We can work with you to analyse and document your current business processes and help identify inefficiencies  which can often be rectified without spending a single extra penny on IT. If however you do need to purchase a new IT system  then having well understood processes will ensure that you go out to the market with a clearly defined 'shopping list' of requirements.


Bespoke Software Development

If you need a bespoke application or database building then we can help you. Specialising in Microsoft .NET and SQL Server development we can design and develop systems to your specific requirements. Our Case Studies illustrate a number of examples where our custom software solutions have massively improved productivity and competitiveness for our clients.